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Social Impact House
The entrepreneurial hub for an inclusive society

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Social Impact House An introduction

Social Impact House is the meeting place and entrepreneurial hub for established small businesses, members of the European Social Label and participants in the Social Green House - the entrepreneurial program. Here, small businesses are given the opportunity to work in a creative and stimulating environment that also allows to inspire and help others get into working life, either for the first time or again. This is a way for many to make it easy for business to be more inclusive in their business.

Social Impact House is the name of the local hubs run by the European Social Label where half of the users come from the Social Green House entrepreneurship program and half come as members. Having your office at Social Impact House provides added value for small businesses that can take part in several different services such as their own customer system, of course fully GDPR adapted, intranet with the opportunity for both chat and video and much more.

The Social Impact House is funded by two parties: the European Social Label Foundation and affiliated companies in the European Social Label

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Social Green House

Start and run a business with others

Social Green House is the entrepreneurship program created by the European Social Label. The program is developed in collaboration with the business community and works both as an accelerator to get started faster but also as a bridge builder between exclusion and integration. The program is primarily aimed at people who are further away from the labor market, but anyone is of course warmly welcome to take part in the program. Being further away from the labor market does not mean that you are worse, but instead you get a package solution for the challenges that all entrepreneurs have ever faced and you get the support and support that all entrepreneurs also sometimes wished they had had themselves . 

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EUSL Group

The engine for an inclusive and equal society

The European Social Label Group, the EUSL Group, has a goal of solving Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges in society, something that is defined as a person who is unemployed for 30 days. This should be done by making it more attractive for business to work with integration and exclusion, by offering services and tools, marketing and socially beneficial projects. The EUSL Group also highlights the presence of authorities and municipalities and brings them closer to the business community to make it easier to work together. Finally, the EUSL Group also works directly with private individuals, then through the Social Green House program for those who want to start their own business. 

The EUSL Group is a conglomerate consisting of seven different activities that together form a unit and also gives small businesses the opportunity to participate and solve the biggest challenge of our time: Integration into society. 

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EUSL Foundation

The spearhead of tomorrow's society

The European Social Label Foundation is the face of the EUSL Group. This is where the entire business's surplus goes and members can then order what are called social initiatives in society, member-driven social initiatives that both create a better society to live and work in but also develop brands and strengthen our members in competing markets. The foundation is involved in financing both Social Green House and Social Impact House and works there to reduce exclusion. 

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Contact Us

We want to hear from you!

Social Impact House is a meeting place for everyone and therefore we would appreciate if you would like to contact us. 

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